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Sample Funeral Eulogy

Sample Funeral Eulogy

A Sample Funeral Eulogy is a speech that is given at the memorial or funeral program. In the funeral program, funeral eulogy can be delivered by a family member, friends, close friends, the priest. the celebrant/guests. In the funeral eulogy of the funeral program, life or memorable moments of life of the deceased, are discussed by family and friends.

Sample Funeral Eulogy

A funeral eulogy is a way of saying farewell to the deceased person by expressing and sharing thoughts, feelings to give honor and respect. Delivering a eulogy is a tribute to the deceased. A funeral eulogy will add a memory in the funeral program.

Because the funeral program is a big memorable ceremony including funeral template, funeral bookmark, funeral template, funeral eulogy. So every sample funeral eulogy should be delivered nicely. A Sample Funeral Eulogy can be written in many different ways. It depends on the person to person and their own interest.  Followings are the points when preparing for any sample funeral eulogy.

  • A funeral eulogy can be delivered as a formal speech including deceased person’s life journey, career, achievements etc. A sample funeral eulogy can be delivered by keeping some points in mind, like person’s history, his/her whole life journey.


  • A eulogy can be more beautiful when you add some stories, a beautiful moments memory. Sharing person’s life stories, beautiful memories will be more personal things to add in sample funeral eulogy.


  • Writing a sample funeral eulogy is not so difficult, first, you just have to start with some healing process. By adding some healing words or message. You can add some thoughts related to life and death, can explain it’s an act of nature. Everyone is mortal here so it’s process of nature.


  • While delivering a sample funeral eulogy, one can start by looking at the people, house, recalling old memories, pulling out memories from photographs, going through old letters and emails.


  • You can check out your loved one’s house, room, a place they lived, a place they liked most, will help you to recall the beautiful moments and give you a brief idea for the sample funeral eulogy.


  • You can also talk to close relatives, close friends and close person’s of their life to memorize all the golden time from past. It will automatically recall all the beautiful moments in the memory.


  • You can make some notes of memories, special moments together, pure feelings about the deceased, their life’s stories which are related to you. Show your love and honor towards your loved one in the sample funeral eulogy. Write a rough note without any hesitation and practice it.


  • In your sample funeral eulogy, You have to add some information about the deceased, like when and where was the deceased born, nicknames, called names by other, parents name, about siblings and their families, early childhood details, qualifications, academic/educational details, awards and achievements, details about hobbies, interests, travels, social services, details of marriages, children details, relationships, divorces. You can also add social contributions, preferences, likes/ dislikes, social services. One can also add good deeds, about the actual personality.


So above are the points one can keep in mind before going to prepare the sample funeral eulogy.

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