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Funeral service Booklet

Funeral service Booklet

The funeral service booklet is also known as a funeral booklet. It is like a book of 7-8 pages maximum without hard covers. Funeral service booklet’s paper is card type plastic coated paper. It includes the lovely memories of your loved one who passed away. Funeral service booklet pages include memories like the picture of your loved one, stories from their life, their personal details, poems and other more details about the deceased person.

Funeral service Booklet

By making funeral service booklet is the way to give tribute to our loved one. Funeral service booklet is the best way to keep the memory of the deceased for a long time. Whenever you will check out the Funeral service booklet, all memories will be recalled and rejoice you. Funeral service booklet is durable Because after finishing the funeral programme, only distributed funeral service booklet remains with everyone.


When you are going to design a Funeral service booklet, there are some points you have to put in the Funeral service booklet.


  1. Personal Details


  • In the funeral service booklet, the first thing you have to include is biographical details personal information of the deceased. That will include basic information of your loved one like the complete name of the deceased, date of birth, date of demise, basic educational details, past work details, professional details, also personal details about family, spouse, children.


  • Funeral service booklet can also include your loved one’s life journey, memorable stories by family and friend, some special memorable moments by friends,


  • Also includes a special poem, quotes, bible’s verses, or some prayers, hymns.


  • Including a special poem related to the deceased will work as magic, will make a soothing moment. Also message or words from family-friends will make the funeral program memorable and pleasant. A word from loved ones to the deceased person will definitely relief the pain, the sorrow of loosing loved one. Same as life’s quotes or bible’s verses related to the cycle of life and death will please the soul by removing the attachment from the materialistic things, infatuation is all illusion.


  1. Photos


  • Add Photos/Pictures in the Funeral service booklet, a picture is equivalent to thousand words. Each picture has own story to say. So adding picture will make Funeral service booklet more memorable and soothing. In the Funeral service booklet add a picture of your loved one to honour.


  • You can add more than one picture to make a timeline of pictures, it will express different stages and milestones of your loved one’s life.


  • Every picture from the timeline will cherries different memories. The picture with friends and family will also make it more beautiful and memorable. Also can add pictures from their work and hobbies.


3.Funeral Programme


  • After adding all the details mentioned above in the funeral service booklet, you also have to list the programs which are going to be performed by the official or host. You also have to list all programs clearly with their exact time of delivery. This list of service will help your guest and host to be the part of the funeral program. It will be helpful for the local religious services, where so many different traditions are performed.
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