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Funeral Program for Mother

Funeral Program for Mother

Funeral program is basically a set of information regarding your loved one. The information includes brief life biography of your loved one, his/her achievements, his/her date of birth and place of birth, his/her date, place and cause of death, anecdotes and the surviving relative’s names.  Creating a funeral program for mother is emotional and quite difficult. It also gives an opportunity to celebrate her life. Everyone at the funeral or memorial service will most likely be courteous and devoted to hearing her stories and reflections in your word.

Funeral Program for Mother

In this site, we have the rich collection of devoted, memorable, dearly designed funeral program for mother. Our sample programs are ready to use and editable in Microsoft Word layout. By using these template you can give true tribute and love to your mother. In our funeral program for mother you can add or edit-

  • Name or title of the mother.
  • Date and place of birth.
  • Date and place of expiry.
  • Expected funeral date, time, and place.
  • The concise bio about your mother.
  • Funeral arrangements listing.
  • Funeral poems and inspiring life motivational quotes.
  • Names or, titles of Pall-bearers.
  • Name or title of Officiant.
  • Name of existing family members.
  • Background pictures or photos.

One of our famous funeral programs for mother is Spirit funeral program with the awe-inspiring layout and prepared to utilize editable with the yellowish background. Spirit funeral template It is available in 8.5” x 11” size layout.  The template layout is half-folded consists of four pages with two outer sides and two inner sides. The details description are as follows-

  1. Page 1 or, Front Cover or, Outer side of the template

The front cover starts with “In Loving Memory of” or, “In Remembrance of” or, “Dearly Departed” is accompanied by a photograph on the top. Beneath this area, the date of birth and date of death are assigned. Below that the date and place of the forthcoming requiem ceremony will be entered. The front page also contains the backdrop which consists of a picture which can be alterable.

  1. Page 2 or, Story page or, Inside left side of the template

The second page features the brief life bio of the mother with the pictures at various stages of his life. That’s why it is also called biography page. It is the place where you highlight the important aspects of your mother.

3              Page 3 or, Service order page or, Inside right side of the template

The third page carries the service order. Here all the details regarding the arrangement of the funeral ceremony are written. This part is imperative in any template contains the names of pall-bearers, name of the officiants and also, the time and place of reception.

4              Page 4 or, Final Page or, Back page

The last page is the family’s chance to welcome the general population who came to offer their regard. In this Page, you can in like manner join the announcements of Holy Bible or, helpful life festivity articulations or shutting messages or, verses. In final page, you can likewise ask for about commitments and flowerets. Here you can compose the data about the where to give the gift in the event that anybody needs to contribute.


In the above funeral program for mother, it contains the basic pages, you can also add more pages (at the extra assessment).

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Draft Funeral Template

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