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Funeral Portrait

Funeral Portrait

A funeral portrait is a photographic artistic representation of the deceased person. The main idea of the funeral portrait is to display the deceased person’s personality. It is a unique way of tribute, remembering a loved one. After the funeral program, the funeral portrait is the thing to pay tribute and honor to loved one who deceased.

Funeral Portrait
  • Funeral Portrait can be of different size including 12”x15”, 16”x20”, 24”x36”, 3ft x 6ft(Banner size) or any size as per your own choice. The size of the picture in the funeral portrait will depend on the size of the frame use.


  • After selecting the size of the funeral portrait, now you have to choose a picture of your loved one who passed. The picture should be clear to show the actual personality. Also, it should be a smiley face, it will reprise all the lovely moments back, whenever you will look that funeral portrait.


  • After selecting a memorable picture for the funeral portrait, now there is some information about the deceased that should be mentioned in the picture. Complete name of the deceased, their date of birth and date of demise and can also include few words like you can paste a short poem, some verse from bible/holy book or you can also paste few words from your hearts that will be nice. Words do magic, true from heart reaches directly to others heart. So you can paste few words in the memory of your loved one.


  • Then it comes next step when you have to choose beautifully designed frames. That frame can be of wooden or any metal like silver, bronze, aluminum or plastic such as polystyrene. The frame should be of good in quality. It should be durable, must last long. Soothing color of frame will match with the picture of your loved one. The complete designed funeral portrait can be placed on the table in your living room or you can hang it on your house wall in the guest room or hall, where you can show your guests the funeral portrait and remember all that moments again and again.
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