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Funeral Handouts

Funeral Handouts

A funeral handouts also known as a funeral pamphlet is a kind of booklet(unbound booklet) of the funeral program. In this, there is no hardcover, no binding. It just has a single paper which consists images, some beautiful design, and decorated texts, that has printed both of the sides and can be folded in half shape, in thirds and so on. So the funeral handouts contain all detail of your loved one who passed away, with the design. Funeral handouts help to inform the guests about the funeral program.

Funeral Handouts

So when you want to design a pamphlet for the funeral program, there are some points you have to keep in mind. Because you are in the process to make a memory and tribute the deceased. So it should be arranged in a way so that the guests will get all the information about the programs of the funeral ceremony.

So the funeral handouts in a funeral ceremony include essentials.

  1. Select The Design
  • One has to select the suitable design for the funeral handouts. The funeral handouts show your loved one’s personality and attitude. Just for an example, if the deceased was in the hospitality services then you have to choose a hospitality theme. The chosen theme will represent your loved one’s life.

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  1. Add Images and Texts
  • Next step is to paste a picture of your loved one. Paste a recent fresh picture of your loved one. That will help peoples to recognize your loved one and also help in rejoicing all memories. The picture must be in smiling. That smiling image will recall all the memorable moment of your loved one.


  • Also, the complete name of your loved one has to be added, to tell whose funeral template has been organized. So one has to quote the actual name of your loved one.
  • Use designer text fonts to design a funeral handout. You can also change text size according to your contents.


  • Also, mention the actual date of birth and date of passing below the name. Then, add a brief biography of loved one in the funeral handouts. Add all actual details about the deceased.


  • You also have to mention family member’s name, the name of the person who is delivering the eulogy. Add timing, venue, and date of the funeral program services in the funeral handouts.


  • Also, add some lines from poem and prayers in the sweet memory of the loved one. This will be the most special thing you can do with a pure heart. This will be an honor to the loved one.


  1. List Service List
  • After you have added a smiling image of the loved one and mentioning all the short detail about the deceased’s life, work profile, date of birth & pass, poems, life’s tale, now just make sure in the funeral handouts, all the events have been listed sequentially.


  • List all the programs and services which are going to be performed, with exact timing and with the name of the person who is going to perform in that event.


  • Additionally, one could also mention the loved one’s favorite songs, poetry, tv shows, books, hobbies, activities etc.
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