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Funeral Bookmarks

Funeral Bookmarks

In a funeral program, funeral bookmarks have an important role to play. When you go to a funeral, there you will get a funeral bookmark, it’s like a small card or bookmark in which there are some details with decorative pictures, borders and with a few lines of prayer or few messages.

Basically, funeral bookmarks are for the guests, who come in the funeral program, so they get to know about the deceased person, like date of birth, date of death etc. The funeral bookmarks allow the guests to remember and honor the deceased person.

classic funeral bookmark template
classic bookmark template
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glorious funeral bookmark template
glorious bookmark template
masterly funeral bookmark template
masterly bookmark template

The funeral bookmarks can be of different size, but basically, the size measured is 3” x 8”. But it also depends on your own style. It’s a great take-home piece for the guests. Funeral bookmarks card have two faces that include a picture of the deceased person and also includes prayer. Cards corner can be rounded or edged. Here you will get to know how you can design a funeral bookmark and what are the things you have to put in that. So followings are the essentials which a funeral bookmark includes.

  1. Picture

On the funeral bookmark, the one side of the bookmark shows the clear picture of the deceased person. The picture can be in rectangle shape or rounded shape. It will depend on your own choice of design. But make sure the picture is clear. The picture should be latest not so old. Because a recent clear picture will help the guests to recognize the deceased person easily. So Its recommended using a latest clear picture of the deceased person. Try to use a smiling picture, smiling picture will please the guests and bring all the memories back.


  1. Name and Important Dates

In this section, You have to write some facts about the deceased person. It should be written on that side of the bookmark where a picture of deceased have pasted, below the picture one can write some details Here details means, the name of the deceased, date of birth and date of death. So below the fine picture of deceased, first you have to mention the name of the deceased. So that every guest will get to know whom funeral they are going to attain. A complete name should be mention as they have in their official documents. Mentioning the right name will tell peoples about the deceased person.


After mentioning the name, in the next line date of birth should be mentioned. So below the name, the actual date when the deceased had taken birth should be mentioned. You can use any pattern of date. But make sure it should be clear. When mention date of birth, just below the date, you can give the title like date of birth but try to be more decorative, you can also use a word like Sunrise etc, whatever you like.


After mentioning the date of birth, now the next is the date of decease or death. Below the date of birth, You have to mention the title “Passed On”or you can also decorate by “Sunset”, After that mention the date of decease. Here you have to mention the exact date when the person has passed away. These details of the deceased person will inform the guests that who has deceased, when the deceased born and when died.

  1. Special Poem

In this section of the funeral bookmarks, we write some special poem to make it memorable. On the back of that side, where you have posted a picture, the name of deceased, date of birth and date of the decrease in the funeral bookmarks, you have to add some words to make it more memorable.

So on this side of the funeral bookmark, you can mention a special poem for the deceased person, wishing the soul to rest in peace. This side of the funeral bookmark can also include bible verse, fine obituary or some special words about your loved one and the journey as they had gone through. Some special words from the heart of the loved one will please the guests.

So the points mentioned above will help to design or select the best funeral bookmark for your loved ones. And there are few more points to keep in mind when you are going to select the funeral bookmarks.


  • Designing your own style, you can print the funeral bookmark on a thick glossy designer photographic paper. A good quality of funeral bookmark will be so pleasant and last long. It will remain with you as a memorable moment.


  • Also While designing funeral bookmarks, make sure that on the both of the side you have used the designer borders. It will make the funeral bookmarks more decorative. Also, decide whether you want a rounded corner or simply edged corner.
  • In the funeral bookmarks, After all the design has done and all the essential has mentioned, and also printing has done then also gold tassels can be added. It will look good, and also help the guests to hold the funeral bookmarks.