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Funeral Assistance Program

Funeral Assistance Program

The funeral Assistance program is a program run by the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion to provide support those people who recently experience the loss of their dear one and also facing the financial crisis. Individuals who are on a Centrelink advantage or have a low wage, who can’t raise funds may be able to get help with a basic memorial service. This is typically a cremation benefit but in certain social conditions. In the event that the social necessities for an entombment have not approved, families may choose to pay the difference between a cremation and a burial.

Funeral Assistance Program

Types of assistance

You may be fit for one of two types of assistance, depending on your conditions.

  1. On the off chance that you have not already imparted a private memorial service chief you might be suited for Full Contract funeral assistance. If your application is successful you will be communicated by a funeral director, who will arrange a funeral for your loved one as soon as possible.
  2. On the off chance that you have just imparted a private funeral executive, you might be fit the bill for After-the-Event funeral assistance. This takes the form of a one-off payment if the funeral assistance application meets the program assessment criteria and the funeral account has not yet been paid in full.

The grant is paid directly to the funeral director on your behalf.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for assistance under the Funeral Assistance Program you must be able to verify that:

1) The deceased was in receipt of a pension or benefit or was a low-income beneficiary.

2) The deceased’s property is estimated to be valued at less than $3,000 when liquidated (including life insurance, superannuation, and shares).

3)  The deceased’s immediate relatives are not in paid employment or are low-income receivers.

4) The deceased’s immediate relatives have insufficient assets to cover the costs of funeral expenses (less than $3,000 inaccessible funds).

5)  The funeral has not yet been arranged, or for an After-the-Event grant, the account is a modest cost and is not still completely funded.


  • Here the “immediate relatives” are supposed to be the deceased’s spouse, parents (mother and father) or adult children.
  • Eligibility criteria are the same for both Full Contract and After-the-Event applications.
  • It does not cover the expenses of:

>  Flowers or, Blossoms

>  Advertising

>  Weekend services

Memorial cards or books

> Grief cars/limousines (transport for the family).

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