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Free Funeral Program

Free Funeral Program

If you recently experienced the loss of a dear one and are making the arrangements for the funeral, you may ask yourself  “How do I get the free funeral program?”. Don’t worry about that with the help of this site you can get a free funeral program in Microsoft Word format absolutely free which is easier to use and you can edit all its contents for free. We are here provide you hand-made funeral program to you for free. Here we not only provide your free program also provide you the information that “ How can you write funeral programs by yourself?”.

Free Funeral Program

With the help of this site, you will not only get a free program you will be able to create a funeral program that signifies how true your loved one was and how you care your love for your loved one. At first, we will provide you  the steps to get a free funeral program and after that, we will provide you the step to create your own funeral program.

Get  the Funeral program for free

The creation of funeral program can be time-consuming and expensive, so we got some of our architects to do all diligent work for you. We even place them into Microsoft word records, so you can modify them efficiently. Here we are presenting the 10 simple steps by using this you can quickly edit your template for your loved one and also save your valuable time.

Visit our website funeralprogramsample.com.

2)    Choose your favorite programs

3)    Click on download button and download started.

4)    After download complete, open the document in Microsoft Word, or open office or any document editor.

5)    After opening a document, edit the document with your loved one information.

6)    Swap out photographs (Ensure that the photograph is of the same size as the box same to it).

7)    Prefer the standard font for your funeral program. There are varieties of font designs are accessible in Microsoft word editor, you can pick any one of them according to your requirement. You can also expand or reduce the size of the fonts according to your contents.

8)    After making all changes, review your document carefully. Check for spellings, words, and grammar. Also, check the contents are in a well-organized manner.  If all good proceed to next step.

9)    Print your document. For printing, you can either prefer your home printer or you can contact experts for printing your document.(They may charge some buck for this).

10)  Now your funeral program is successfully published for free.

To create your own funeral program for free

For creating your own funeral program, you basically need a computer in which word file supported editor software is installed you also need any photoshop software to design your template cover and background.

The funeral program commonly includes-

  • Full name of your loved one.
  • Date of Birth and place of birth
  • Date of death and place of death.
  • The summarized biography of your loved one.
  • Full name of the person who is giving the tribute.
  • Time, place and date of funeral and obsequies ceremony.
  • Names of the Pall-bearers.
  • Name of Officiant.
  • Special poems and songs in remembrance of your loved one.

The above information is important to include in any funeral program. Apart from the above information, there are some optional information you can carry in your program if you want. The optional information is-

  • Photo of your loved one at different stages of his life.
  • Surviving family members name.
  • His hobbies and passion.
  • Working experiences.
  • Names and photograph of his pets.
  • Time and place of funeral ceremony.
  • Educational Qualifications
  • Achievements and awards.
  • Closing messages.

After gathering all the above information you have to put all those information in a word file in an organized manner. After that, you have to select the design for that either you use photoshop or any photo editor software. By using the photo editor software create the cover and background images. After that insert photographs in your program and before finishing review all the changes. Check out font size, font quality and organize all contents. In the end, choose the printer, Whether use your home printer or, print it outside by professionals.  After doing all these steps your funeral program is ready to use.

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