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Commemoration Programs

Commemoration Programs

Commemoration programs are that ceremony or celebration in a person or event is remembered. In the  Commemoration programs, we tribute, celebrate, show honor, remembrance, or memory of something/someone.  We commemorate that person by creating something like a speech, an essay, a prayer etc. in their sweet memory that celebrates and memorize the important and significant life they lived.

Commemoration Programs

We show our love, we show true respect to that person by remembering those sweet moments of their life. Time passes and our loved ones too. So the Commemoration programs give us a day to rejoice the day with the sweet memories of our loved one who left us, leaving all sweet n salt memories behind. That all moments of their life makes us cry and also make us smile.This is the day to remember all those moments which we lived together, all the deeds. We remember all summary of the life and bow towards them with deep love and respect. Because people pass but memories never pass.

As discussed above, In Commemoration programs, we perform a list of programs in the memory of someone/something. We celebrate a list of event in the Commemoration programs just like giving the speech to show respect and honor to that person. Nothing can express deep feelings rather than be speaking with true words, that makes the event more memorable. The one who delivers the speech talks about the memories, the deeds, the sweet moments. In Commemoration programs, prayers are also included in the list of events. In which, we pray to god for peace of their soul. True payers have the power to mend the wounded soul. So the prayer should be so pure that It will reach to the almighty god. We wish God to forgive all the mistakes of that soul and set the soul to rest in peace. As we are the children of God, God wipes out all the negative energy of the soul and provide them peace. So prayers are also done in the In Commemoration programs, to set the soul to rest in peace.

So these are some events which are celebrated in someones In Commemoration programs.

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